AnalysisMode is the first social vaccine discovery platform using games to empower people to contribute to the vaccine research.

Stem op dit idee

Vaccine discovery takes more than 1 year and costs more than 0,5B USD, also there are Billions of people wanting to contribute but doesn't have a way to do so. AnalysisMode transformed coronavirus sequences into a game that is engaging, fun and doesn't require scientific knowledge to play. We give a tool for everyone to act now and contribute to stopping the crisis. After vaccine is found, our platform will use human-based computation to speed up any other research.

Hoe wordt het geld ingezet?

Spend on marketing to get viral and get 500K users and use it for getting bigger investment to hire team of 5 to continue with the project full time.

Wat is er nog nodig om het idee uit te voeren?

Contacts with experts in game design and pharma industry.